Risk analysis and general cybersecurity plans

Risk analysis and general cybersecurity plans

We work hard to ensure that an organization clearly defines cybersecurity managers who can implement a cybersecurity plan that responds to risks, protecting its most critical assets.

Technologyint helps organizations align their cybersecurity with the business vision, objectives and innovation projects.

An approach to central and coordinated control of risk strategy and activities is essential to work effectively. The design of a strategic cybersecurity plan must consider the evolution required by the governance of each organization, making changes in the environment of risks and multiple compliance to achieve successful management of a company's digital trust.


Tecnologyint helps define programs that cover cybersecurity governance, processes, technologies, personnel and experience, measures, cultural change and crisis management. Defining the company's process helps improve business potential.


Technologyint evalúa la postura de ciberseguridad de una organización a través de los marcos de referencia que los requerimientos de regulación considere aplicables.


El objetivo es empoderar decisiones de creación, habilidades para alcanzar y mantener un cumplimiento.

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