Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance

Many market sectors are being regulated extremely severely in different areas, and cybersecurity is no exception.

Technologyint provides regulatory compliance services based on two strands:
Compliance Assessment / Awareness

If an organization wants to start a compliance project, the best starting point is to raise awareness to understand the current state taking into account the standard, and thus know what information is missing to align with it, and finally define what plan to structure to reach our goal. This is normally done on short-term projects, where the organization has a clear idea of ​​the needs to be met in order to comply with regulations.

Compliance implementation

After defining a plan, organizations have to start implementing it. Depending on the standard, implementation may focus more on governance (policies and processes), or technical controls. In any case, it is necessary to ensure that said implementation of the regulatory standard is treated as if it were a project, with its own project management, and with the appropriate resources to implement it.

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