Red Team

Red Team

Hack your systems like you are a hacker, before they do

Adaptation of the cat methodology

Technologyint utiliza la estrategia de ataque CAT (Cyber Attack Taxonomy) que modela un ataque en siete fases y se complementa con un inventario de herramientas de un Framework llamado MITRE ATT&CK®. Todo esto organizado en técnicas, tácticas, y procedimientos (TTP´s) idénticos a los utilizados por los atacantes reales.

Lens Profiling

Attackers select a target, investigate it, and identify any weak spots that may be the key to moving forward.


En esta fase se ejecutan las técnicas necesarias con el propósito de lograr generar brechas de seguridad en las infraestructuras del objetivo.


Taking advantage of the security gaps of the previous phase, more damaging tools are loaded and oriented to pave the way to new phases.


In this phase, all the tactics and techniques are executed to ensure the continuity of the attack in any event that occurs, as well as the concealment of any trace that may be detected.

Internal recognition

Once inside the target facilities, it is necessary to analyze the entire infrastructure to see if there are advanced security measures, or other more valuable targets.

Lateral movements

Identified the new objectives within the network, we proceed to jump from one team to another until reaching them.

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